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Selling / Trading:

At The Audio Exchange we purchase and or trade for your gently used audio equipment (and sometimes even in your not so gently used audio equipment depending on the manufacture, model and level of damage).  We offer reasonable prices when purchasing equipment.  by using the Orion Blue Book price guide as well as Audiogon, eBay, and other audio dealers we work with.

Methods of Payment:

*All Missouri residents will be charged sales tax.


Due to the age and nature of the product sold by The Audio Exchange we are unable to offers warranties on any products. 

That being said, if a problem arises with a previously purchased piece of audio equipment, contact us and we will make every effort to work with you on reaching a solution.


Customers pay for all shipping charges, including insurances, taxes and duties as well as any specialty packaging.  Our shipping preference is FedEx but can ship other methods if needed. 

Contact Information:

Phone: (315) 868-7049
Email: Sales@TheAudioExchange.com

Please contact us if you have any questions comments or if you just want to shoot the breeze.  We would love to hear from you!